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Our background includes experience with a wide range of business-to-business firms in a variety of industries. A sampling of our clients include:

>> 3PL Central (marketing strategy, execution and sales)

>> GDEX Auto (marketing strategy and web site redesign)

>> Boxer Wachler Vision Institute (strategy & web maintenance)

>> Cylix (web site redesign)

>> PPG - Purchase Planners Group (logo, web and advertising)

>> JAM-N Logistics (logo and web site redesign)

>> Simply Mumtaz (web site maintenance)

>> Workflow Management Coalition

>> Service Machines (marketing strategy and sales)

>> Transformation + Innovation

>> Oak Grove Systems (acquired by Seagull Software July 2005)

For additional samples of our work, please download our capabilities portfolio (1.6MB - .pdf) .

For more information about how the Azimuth Marketing Group can help your firm, contact us today at info@azimuthmarketing.com or +1 310.325.3333.

CSUN Presentation

On September 19, Azimuth Marketing Group president Steven Katz spoke at California State University, Northridge - presentation

Topic: “Case Study:  Key Insights on How a Dead Company Was Resurrected (and how you can avoid a similar fate)”

For more information and to download the presentation, please click here.

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