March 24 , 2009 - Steven Katz moderates International Special Events Society of Los Angeles (ISES-LA) event. Jun Loayza and Rachel Globus speak on “Using Social Networking Websites to Increase Revenue and Build a Stronger Brand".

* Download presentation here

April 22 , 2008 - Dr. Boxer Wachler shares his web marketing secrets during ICL Growth Program. Azimuth Marketing has helped implement them all.  Read more >>>

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Client Testimonials
"Steven's professionalism and tenacity were decisive factors in Oak Grove Systems' return to profitability and growth. He thoroughly understands all aspects of marketing and has a keen sense of where to focus in order to produce maximum results." Charles Ames, CEO, Oak Grove Systems

Need to jump start your sales? Azimuth Marketing Group will help you do so quickly while building the foundation for a successful long-term venture. We can start from scratch or build from your existing successes – in either case, Azimuth’s focused efforts will help your sales grow.

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